Fresh ideas for Cambridgeshire

is a collaborative initiative based in Cambridgeshire that aims to see healthier food and drink options for people to choose from when eating out and about.

It’s about businesses giving customers the options to eat healthier if they want to.

Helen Reed, Health Improvement Specialist – Nutrition, Public Health Directorate, Cambridgeshire County Council

“I think the positive thing is that our customers like it, our customers like it and they like the fresh side of things, a bit of healthier food in comparison to other businesses.” Healthier Options Member.

Find out more about the initiative and how you can join us as a business or support us as a customer.


Do you offer customers choice of a smaller portion? Just 1 example of the many small changes a #healthieroptions  pledge might involve #askus 

Could you do more to provide & promote healthy food & drink choices? The #healthieroptions  pledge can help you make 10 small changes. PM us

Making 'the easy choices the healthy ones' is part of the #childobesityplan  published yesterday. That's already the aim of #healthieroptions 

Making small changes can have great gains over the longer term - both for businesses and their customers