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Thanks for stopping by our website. We would love to have you on board. We are aiming to attract small and medium-sized food businesses with a minimum 3 food hygiene rating who are based in Cambridgeshire. If you fit this criteria and are interested in hearing more, please read on, find out more about the initiative, or contact us for more information and to become a member.

What is Healthier Options?

Find out more here about the initiative and what’s involved in becoming a member after making and completing your pledge.

What’s in it for me?

By becoming a Healthier Options member you get to display our brand and gain access to all the marketing opportunities we will offer. We have a communications and marketing strategy which aims to spread the word about healthier options to customers – and to shop in our members’ businesses.

People are becoming more concerned about their health, what they are eating and making healthier choices. We are hoping to appeal to this customer segment and expose the rest of the population who are not yet concerned about their health to healthy messages when eating out.

Shopper surveys show us that the demand for healthier foods by the community is increasing, and we hope that you will enjoy our support to help you to service that demand. If you are already offering healthier options, that’s great! By becoming a member you will be recognised for your efforts.

Initiatives such as this have been rolled out all over the world, and businesses have reported that after joining a Healthier Options type of scheme they see an increase in customer footfall and cost savings, and they also feel the intrinsic benefit of promoting good health by offering healthier food to their customers.

What is a pledge?

The Healthier Options team have put together some top tips that businesses can use to design and create their pledge. These tips have been used in food businesses around the country through other national and local programmes.

A pledge needs to have a minimum of 10 intentions, which can be made up of our tips and unique intentions designed by the business themselves.

After the Food Safety Officer and the business have signed the final pledge, the business has up to three months to complete the pledge.

When the 10+ intentions have all been met within the three-month timeframe, the business is then recognised as a Healthier Options member.

View our tip sheets, which you can download and print off for your own use. The tips are categorised according to various types of food business, including restaurants, takeaways and sandwich shops, and covering international cuisine including Chinese, Indian and South Asian, and Italian.

How can I connect with other businesses and customers?

We will be hosting business marketplaces for businesses to share ideas and showcase their Healthier Options achievements. We will also be inviting suppliers to showcase their procurement options for you.

Use the power of social media! Our Twitter account is a great place for you to share what you are doing – tweeting images of your new Healthier Options menu items will help to drive customers to your door. And if you’re thinking, ‘Don’t birds tweet? What are they talking about?!’, we can help you with social media and spreading the word to our growing online community of followers – simply contact us!

Making small changes can have great gains over the longer term - both for businesses and their customers