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Thanks for stopping by! You may be interested in which businesses in Cambridgeshire have completed their pledge and become a Healthier Options member. We encourage you to shop at these outlets and order from their selection of healthier options to help support the initiative – and there may even be some merchandise in store for you if you do!

Please view our members page for a list of businesses that you can support.

We also encourage you to help us spread the word by becoming a Healthier Options ambassador and/or by telling, tweeting or sharing about it!

What is a Healthier Options ambassador?

Are you interested in seeing more businesses provide healthier options on their menu and follow healthier cooking practices? Great! You can join us in promoting healthier options to local businesses, as a potential or current customer.

We will provide you with printed postcard notes for you to leave with owners or staff in local food businesses, and then if you could let us know where you have left them we will follow up on your lead. It’s a simple way of letting businesses know that you would appreciate a few more healthier options on their menu, or letting them know that they could be recognised for the healthier options they may already be offering.

Here are some ways in which you could let people and businesses know about Healthier Options:

Simply fill in and submit our contact form and we will send you an ambassador pack, which includes postcards and a member pin badge.

Making small changes can have great gains over the longer term - both for businesses and their customers